About The Christmas Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is a world-wide Christmas outreach offered for National and International organizations, media outlets, ministries, and churches. Offered by WOW Ministries International, the project serves you in your mission to help those in your ministry sphere for training, equipping and evangelism at every level of your organization.

Using six specific ministry initiatives and the many provided outreach tools and resources, every level of your audience/congregation/people groups may be involved to share the hope of Christ at Christmas both here and abroad.

6 Ministry Initiatives of The Legacy Project


1) Christmas Legacy Celebrations

Christmas Legacy Celebrations are outreach presentations
in homes for mission organizations, church planting initiatives,
and churches to share the hope of Christ both here and abroad,
when people are 27% more likely to receive Christ than any
other time of the year. This message and metaphor uses the
largest symbol of Christmas worldwide, the Christmas tree.

2) Testimony of the Tree Outreach Kit

The Testimony of the Tree Outreach Kit is for all young & old to experience   "The Testimony of the Tree" message and a new tradition, while bringing the hope and salvation of Christmas worldwide.

The kit includes a clear gospel message with an invitation & prayer of salvation, when people are 27% more likely to receive Christ than any other time of the year.

An outreach tool for here & abroad with endless possibilities:

  • Orphanages
  • Troops
  • Refugee camps
  • Prisons
  • Food Banks

3) Large Group Presentation

As the centerpiece of The Legacy Project, “The Testimony of the Tree” presentation unfolds an amazing discovery of our rich inheritance in Him. While Casey adorns a full-sized Christmas tree, we learn how the Lord adorns our lives with purpose and hope. While weaving within the Christmas story and the gospel message, the makings of a relinquished life is realized, preparing us for the great commission and, finally, the crowning - our purpose. Fully decked and adorned, we stand as a testament proclaiming the beauty of the Lord to all, just like the tree. And with a surprise message of hope at the end, all are offered the greatest gift ever bore on a tree: the gift of Christ. The tree in the middle of our living room now has purpose in our traditions bringing hope for all, young and old.

4) Dramatized Radio Adaptation 

This is a Christmas outreach project for single stations, radio networks, or as a

city-wide collaboration of radio outlets.



5) Theatrical Play or Musical Outreach

This is offered for churches, production companies, and organizations to

present as a theatrical stage productions for outreach.

6) All Church Outreach Offering

This includes elements of the main with added resources for series for ministries of your church


Resources & Tools

More About The Legacy Project

Why the Legacy Project: As interviewed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), Casey Schutrop, one of the architects of The Legacy Project and the author of The Testimony of the Tree Message and metaphor shared, “As an inheritance is given, it is a legacy we are to leave. Yet not of our own name or accomplishments, but instead, of the rich inheritance we have been given as God’s children. At this time in our history we have an invitation; a clarion call to pass this legacy to the next generation. -For what is the essences of legacy, but – HOPE.” To read the full article, click here.

What is the message: Using six specific ministry initiatives and many provided outreach tools, resources, and publications, the message of The Testimony of the Tree brings newfound meaning to the familiar and most identifiable symbol of Christmas world-wide, the Christmas Tree. By means of the message and metaphor, an overview of the entire Christian life, and the strength and beauty of the Lord He wishes to adorn our lives with is discovered. Revealed is newfound identity and purpose both as individuals and families. In creative and compelling ways, the Testimony of the Tree message details the Spirit-Led life, and the rich inheritance and legacy God has for His children is made known. A clear gospel message with an invitation and prayer of salvation accompanies the six specific initiatives and resources. Also, the message may be interactive, offering a new tradition to experience the metaphorical teaching to become a memory maker of hope and salvation for years to come for young and old, bridging the generations.

How: The national and international organizations, media outlets, and churches use the six specific ministry initiatives and many provided outreach tools, resources, and publications of The Legacy Project for every level of their organization‘s audience/congregation/people group(s) to fulfill their vision for evangelism, training, and equipping while highlighting the importance of the gospel and the Great Commission now in our day.